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To those who know my story, the miracle of my daughter’s arrival into this world and my arms has been a harried one. Choosing a loving, supportive, knowledgable, and kind doctor was a decision that I did not take lightly.

Dr. Baldwin has been a great supportive instrument for me during my pregnancy and birth. She explained everything along the way and closely monitored my daughter’s growth in utero. When I had a question or needed something explained in a different way, she was always patient and helped me to better understand the process.

My pregnancy was easy and came with the rare ligament pain or nauseous episode. Any time I was worried or had an issue, I was able to talk to someone about it to ease my worries. The birth of my daughter was somewhat scary as her cord was wrapped around her neck twice and the decision was made to go in for a cesarean after laboring throughout the night. It all happened so fast but when Dr. Baldwin saw that I was understandably upset, she eased my mind and calmly explained things and the decision process.

I am so thankful for Dr. Baldwin and her staff at HOGA for their attention to detail, caring manners, and true excitement for me and my family. Abigail Grace is our miracle and we have Dr. Baldwin to thank for her safe and positive entry into our lives.
— Kaela C.
In my experience with Dr.’s offices, all too often the encounter is rushed and impersonal. I was pleasantly surprised with how HOGA and their staff broke that trend and provided a personal, one-on-one experience in which I felt my needs were truly considered and valued. Dr. Baldwin takes her time with me and answers all of my questions without rushing through my exam, which truly has set her apart from any other physicians I have seen, both in the OB/GYN field and beyond. Her nursing staff, Lin and Ruth, are warm and inviting and their kind demeanor and professionalism always make a, “not so fun” kind of appointment into a pleasant, comfortable experience. I felt completely confident in the care I received from Dr. Baldwin and her entire staff who helped me safely bring my daughter into this world
— Alexa Gardner
I have been going to Dr. Stavoy for many years now. His bedside manner is fantastic. He is soft spoken and very smart.
— Terese Lawson
Dr. Cortez has been my doctor for many years. I chose him because he came highly recommended, but I have stayed with him because he is not only a great doctor, but also a great person. Dr. Cortez listens to his patients and truly cares about them. I have interacted with many of the staff members in this office as well. They are all very friendly and helpful. Sheila G. was an angel to me when my son was stillborn in 2010. She was so compassionate and caring and went well beyond her responsibilities to help me. Sheila and Dr. Cortez, as well as the other staff members, helped me survive one of the worst times of my life.

I highly recommend this office!
— Becky H.
I have been a patient of Halifax OB/GYN for over 15 years. During that time I have had nothing but pleasurable experiences. The staff and doctors have always gone above and beyond to make me feel special and important. Any concerns I have are always addressed and taken care of efficiently. Dr. Stavoy delivered my two boys and I am currently pregnant with my 3rd. I am looking forward to experiencing the birth of my 3rd child with Halifax OB/GYN by my side.
— Amanda M.
Thank you to Dr. Carbiener and her staff at Halifax OB/GYN for the top notch care and attention they provide to their patients. As a patient of hers for over 20 years, I have always respected her professionalism, integrity, and compassion. I also appreciate the extra effort she puts forth to make her community a better place with her involvement not only with women’s care but also with a variety of charitable, educational, and philanthropic activities.
— Jan Brock
I thank God for the entire staff at Halifax OB/GYN. Due to circumstances beyond my control, a medical condition was causing me a great deal of pain and distress. I ended up at Halifax OB/GYN and met my guardian angel, Dr. Bhogal. She literally saved my life. I thank God for her attentiveness, patience, and compassion. I thank God that she didn’t treat me like just another patient and a dollar sign. She is a very skilled physician. I am thankful for her ability to make the best decisions concerning my health and the condition I was in. I thank God that she went over and above with the help of the entire staff at Halifax OB/GYN to do what was lifesaving and forever life changing for me. I have shared with many family and friends how wonderful a practice Halifax OB/GYN is and how Dr. Bhogal proved through my after care that I wasn’t just another patient to her. Words will never express my grstitude to Dr. Bhogal and the entire staff at Halifax OB/GYN.
— Angela D.
Since moving to Ormond Beach in 1998, I have chosen Dr. Carbiener to be my gynecologist. She has always taken the time not only to discuss any medical issues, but to inquire on how my life was going in general. Dr. Carbiener has taken an interest in my total well-being and has assisted me through menopause! The office staff has always been professional, courteous, and as accommodating as possible. Additionally, Dr. Carbiener’s involvement in the community is beyond commendable and further demonstrates her commitment to provide the highest standard of care to patients of all backgrounds. Dr. Carbiener is an intelligent, caring physician that I can recommend with complete confidence.
— Janet Dannehower
I am a 37 year old mother of two. After my second son was born, I had problems with heavy periods that lasted weeks at a time. After an ablation, years of BC pills and everything else I had tried, I was finally at my wits end. A friend of mine told me that I needed to go see Dr. Cortez at Halifax OBGYN. I decided to switch doctors and was immediately glad that I did. The staff at Halifax OBGYN is wonderful! They always do their best to go above and beyond their patients’ needs. Dr. Cortez and his nursing staff are amazing! After discussing my options with Dr. Cortez, I decided that a hysterectomy would be my best option. Dr. Cortez made surgery a piece of cake and his bedside manner was remarkable. Although there were some minor complications after my surgery, Dr. Cortez was always very positive and proactive in his approach. It’s been a few years since my hysterectomy, and I am forever grateful for the care that I received then and continue to receive now. I’m back to enjoying my life with family and friends thanks to Dr. Cortez and the fantastic staff at Halifax OBGYN. So glad I found them!
— Heather W.