Dr. Cynthia Baldwin

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I completed my undergraduate degree at DePaul University in Chicago (go Blue Demons!). Then I moved to New York and went to medical school at the State University of New York in Brooklyn. I did my residency training at New York Medical College. Training in New York I was exposed to many different challenges medically and surgically. I am now married with two children and have been practicing in Florida since 2005. My hobbies include running, biking, swimming, scuba diving, flying, traveling, hiking and hot yoga. My specialties include minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery and pelvic prolapse repair. The best thing I have ever done - have my two children. The hardest things I have ever done - running the Boston marathon in 85 degree heat in 2004 and breastfeeding my two little ones!

In my experience with Dr.’s offices, all too often the encounter is rushed and impersonal. I was pleasantly surprised with how HOGA and their staff broke that trend and provided a personal, one-on-one experience in which I felt my needs were truly considered and valued. Dr. Baldwin takes her time with me and answers all of my questions without rushing through my exam, which truly has set her apart from any other physicians I have seen, both in the OB/GYN field and beyond. Her nursing staff, Lin and Ruth, are warm and inviting and their kind demeanor and professionalism always make a, “not so fun” kind of appointment into a pleasant, comfortable experience. I felt completely confident in the care I received from Dr. Baldwin and her entire staff who helped me safely bring my daughter into this world.
— Alexa Gardner