It is our philosophy that women should have their OB/GYN care as convenient and comprehensive as possible in a single visit.

Our History

Founded by Drs. Tom Stavoy and Carl Schwenker in 1988, Halifax OB/GYN started as a general OB/GYN practice located adjacent to Halifax Health. Committed to serving the community's women and providing many aspects of total women's care, the practice grew in size and scope over the next two decades. It is now located at Twin Lakes Medical Center, a beautiful multi-specialty facility on the corner of Clyde Morris and LPGA Blvd, which offers easy access and adequate parking. Dr. Pamela Carbiener joined the practice in 1992, followed by Dr. Stephen Cortez in 1995, and Dr. Cynthia Baldwin in 2005. Dr. Marjorie Bhogal joined the practice in 2014, followed by Dr. Patricia Esquivel in 2015.

Recognizing the need for care that minimizes delay, we have always provided daily in-office ultrasonography for both obstetric and gynecologic concerns, speeding diagnosis and treatment. We are able to perform office cystometrography to more accurately diagnose urogynecologic conditions. We also offer in-office hysteroscopy and endometrial ablation, as diagnostic and therapeutic options for inappropriate bleeding.

Dr. Cortez has been my doctor for many years. I chose him because he came highly recommended, but I have stayed with him because he is not only a great doctor, but also a great person. Dr. Cortez listens to his patients and truly cares about them. I have interacted with many of the staff members in this office as well. They are all very friendly and helpful. Sheila G. was an angel to me when my son was stillborn in 2010. She was so compassionate and caring and went well beyond her responsibilities to help me. Sheila and Dr. Cortez, as well as the other staff members, helped me survive one of the worst times of my life.

I highly recommend this office!

As the technology developed to allow major gynecologic surgeries to be done through tiny incisions with minimal recovery, our group led the charge in this community for such minimally invasive surgery. Currently the vast majority of our surgeries to remove endometriosis, ovarian disease, fibroids or complete hysterectomies are performed through tiny incisions with same day discharge or overnight hospital stay. Drs. Baldwin & Cortez are proficient in the DaVinci Robotic System and perform robotic procedures at Halifax Health.
Recognizing the need to teach the next generation of physicians, Dr. Carbiener assumed the role of Clerkship Director for the Regional Campus of FSU College of Medicine that came to Daytona Beach in 2007. It is the strong belief of our community physicians and our group in particular, that the teaching of one's profession commits us as physicians to remain up to date and at the top of our fields. We believe our patients benefit from this, and they are welcome but not obligated to participate in the learning processes for our students. Our students observe first hand our commitment to patient care and advocacy and learn how to serve as physicians in the future.